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"My name is Mi."


Mi, a 10-year old girl in elementary school, is bullied in class by the other pupils because of her name. One day, the teacher comes up with an essay: "Write a story about yourself!" Completely clueless about what to write, she will have three days to finish her homework, helped by her father and Wendy, her only friend...

Once Upon a Child is a ~25 minutes long visual novel, made in RPG Maker MV for the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017. A free update, subtitled Full Stop, has been released in 2019, overall polishing the game, implementing new ending CGs by SachaDow and adding a final epilogue to the game.

  • A 55k characters-long story
  • A writing-based choice system
  • 4 different endings depending on the words chosen, and a final epilogue if certain conditions have been met
  • 3 ending CGs by SachaDow, along with a "gallery" menu to look at the unlocked CGs, access a Sound Test and reading the creator's notes


You can download the game at the bottom at the page for free: There's Windows and Mac versions of the game. If you want to support the creator, you can also donate at least $1 and also download the OUAC Thank You Pack, containing the full-size CGs and backgrounds, additional concept art, bonus artwork and new creator's notes!


A KodamaSoft game

Story and programmation: Dwimepon

CG and Titlescreen Art: SachaDow

Background art: Binyamin Mellish, Jahoo Clouseau, Mike, Pixabay, Photo Mix, Terje Sollie, Sarah Jane, Carlos Caamal, Bural K, Gerritt Tisdale

Music and sounds: Kevin MacLeod, Rengoku Teien, Azell, Enterbrain, Kadokawa, freesounds.org

Plugins: Sly, Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth , Yanfly Engine Plugins, HimeWorks

"And they lived happily, ever after..."


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Once Upon a Child - Full Stop (Windows) 115 MB
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OUAC: Thank You Pack 11 MB
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